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Cooperate with German customers

1. Pay attention to etiquette

As a typical European and American country, Germany attaches great importance to etiquette. In the process of talking with German customers, we should not only pay attention to the dress code, but also the communication etiquette and table manners. If you leave a bad impression on German customers because of etiquette problems, it is very difficult to cooperate with them later.

2, delicate mind, careful thinking

German customers are very delicate in their thinking characteristics. In this way, I can collect very detailed information in the process of negotiating with customers, and even prepare corresponding coping strategies for various possible situations in the later business cooperation. Therefore, in the process of communicating with German customers, we must make sufficient and meticulous preparations in advance. In this way, we can better answer the questions of German customers in the actual contact, and also can better respond to other requirements of German customers quickly, so as to win the initiative advantage in the negotiation as much as possible.

3. Pay attention to product quality

German customers attach great importance to product quality, as well as to various details and efficiency issues in the transaction process. In order to gain the trust of German customers, we need to show them our samples when we introduce our products. And in the subsequent trade process, we have to be more straightforward.

4. Pay attention to the spirit of contract

German clients are confident in weighing the terms of a trade contract. German customers are a typical country with the spirit of contract, so as long as the contract is signed, it will be executed in accordance with the contract content. It should be noted that after signing the contract with the German customer, do not modify the contract content, otherwise the German customer will be very angry, and even will not cooperate with you in the future.

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