Guangzhou Licon Electronic Tec. Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Licon Electronic Technology Ltd., which was established in 2009, is a professional factory of POS cash register and peripheral equipment. As a high-tech enterprise with good reputation, our products are widely used in chain stores,supermarkets,shopping malls, convenience stores,restaurants,hotels and other service industry. Our company has been providing customers with a variety of commercial POS solutions to help improve business efficiency and profit, meanwhile achieve continuous improvement of brand value.


Our advantages

  • Resource advantage

    Resource advantage

    Assets owned and used to provide the basis for competitiveness, including internal and external resources.

  • Skill advantage

    Skill advantage

    Cash into technical ability and support ability. Technical competence is a set of skills with technical characteristics and attached to technical talents. Supporting capacity refers to the ability to cultivate, build, accumulate, allocate and protect.

  • Management advantages

    Management advantages

    In order to better adapt to the market, the standardized management of enterprises is also the management of basic competitiveness.

  • Talent advantage

    Talent advantage

    Talent competition is directly related to the core competitiveness of enterprises, especially in the 21st century, talent is the most important, enterprises must pay attention to talent, talent training, retention.

  • Brand advantage

    Brand advantage

    In modern society, brand influence means the accumulation of wealth. A brand with extensive influence and good reputation plays a crucial role in the development of an enterprise.

  • 24 hours customer service all day long

    24 hours customer service all day long

    Provide customers with a professional service team, 24 hours a day. The professional and excellent service team is customer-oriented and strives to meet the needs of customers.

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