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German exhibition


  In order to expand the foreign market, strengthen the publicity of our commercial service equipment, and expand the export of such products and services, our company participated in the German exhibition.

  1. Establish customer relationship The exhibition is a platform for industry manufacturers, dealers and traders to exchange, communicate and promote business. Professional exhibition is the epitome of the industry it represents, and to some extent, it is even a market. Enterprises can establish and maintain the relationship with stakeholders in the exhibition, get acquainted with a large number of potential customers, build harmonious relationship with customers, and establish the overall corporate image in the market.

  2. Product and service market survey on the one hand, enterprises can collect information about competitors, dealers, new and old customers' products, prices, marketing strategies and other aspects, which can quickly and accurately understand the development status and trend of domestic and foreign industries and the invention of new products, so as to provide the basis for enterprises to formulate the next development strategy. On the other hand, if a company is considering launching a new product or a new service, field research can be conducted with visitors at the exhibition to see if it is in line with the demand characteristics of the target market.

  3. Expand enterprise influence Through exhibitions, enterprises can show their brands. Most exhibitions usually attract the attention of a large number of media, and using the media to promote is a rare opportunity for exhibitors.