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German packaging certification

The first impression of the user on the product often comes from the outer packaging, which plays an important role in creating a good brand image, no matter the transportation packaging or the packaging of the product itself. In Germany, the product packaging certification mark plays an important role. For example, the resource recycling certification mark can prove that the enterprise has obtained the outer packaging authorization in accordance with the provisions of the packaging law, so that the packaging is recycled and reused. It also lets users know that the company pays attention to sustainable development.

Certification marks have positive meaning

Enterprises can print authoritative certification marks on the packaging, so that their products in the international market more consumers trust and recognition, which has a positive role in shaping the enterprise brand. However, this point is often not taken seriously enough in the field of e-commerce, especially the outer packaging used for shipping, often just paste the mailing address, but no printed certification mark.

If a trading company wants to prove in the German market that its product packaging complies with the requirements of the German Packaging Law and emphasizes the positive contribution of the company in the field of sustainable development, it can obtain the packaging authorization through Lizenzero and print the Resource recycling certification mark on the outer packaging.

In Germany, the law requires companies to obtain the outer packaging authorization license, but the printing of the renewable resources certification mark is voluntary. However, more and more businesses are choosing to print the logo because it makes it easier for consumers to identify and familiarize themselves with the product.