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First of all, the morning and other project team members in the seven star Park for 4 team building games - net fishing, back clamp ball, rocky desertification game and foot tying feet. These games are carefully selected by the other three organizers, with some fun and environmental implications, through these games, the relationship between the team members can be further integrated, cultivate the team spirit, and learn a sustainable development concept in the game. And after the afternoon's collective discussion, we can be as follows: Break the barrier, close the distance although in the first two days of training we have had a certain contact and communication, but still relatively unfamiliar. These games involve all the members, even graduate students and Xue Bo, and according to the game design, they all need to cooperate with each other, such as hand in hand, back-to-back, foot binding, etc. These details let everyone through close physical contact and spontaneous conversation, pull the distance between each other; And in the course of the game, the feisty competitive friendly competition, the understanding smile when the ugly... It is the opportunity and hard proof that our relationship is gradually merging. After the game, everyone can joke with each other and actively talk to each other, so it is impossible not to admit that these games are really the lubricant of friendship. Although we have known for a long time that since the people in our team are selected through strict assessment, every student must have "unique skills", but until this team activity, I really realized this clearly, and I am proud of myself to get to know so many excellent players. Each of the four games has its own characteristics and focuses on different aspects of ability training. As a result, each regrouping gives you the opportunity to play alongside different teammates. In a friendly game and competition, we have found the surprise of the teammates around usCash Register Drawer