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Moroccan customers to the company's production plant for field visits


With the continuous growth of the company's strength and the gradual development of the company's new product technology research and development, as well as the company's visibility in the market, the company has been favored by more and more foreign customers. On July 14, 2023, Moroccan customers from afar came to visit our company, and the company's director Huang personally received them.

After the visit, the general manager and others accompanied the Moroccan customer to the conference room to discuss matters related to cooperation. At the meeting, the customer put forward a lot of constructive suggestions, and affirmed the advanced and complete equipment of the factory. Finally, the two sides reached a long-term stable economic partnership.

The visit of the Moroccan customer has strengthened the cooperation consensus between the two sides, accelerated the progress of business cooperation, and laid a good foundation for the follow-up long-term cooperation. This cooperation will also inject new impetus to deepen the friendly cooperation between the two sides. In the future development, we will work harder to provide customers with better products and better services. Continue to improve overseas visibility, and seek common development with international customers, mutual benefit and win-win, create a better future.

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