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Participated in Dusseldorf, Germany Retail Technology and Equipment Exhibition


Cash Register DrawerThe Dusseldorf Retail Technology and Equipment Exhibition (EuroCIS) is one of the largest retail technology exhibitions in Europe, organized by the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center and held annually in Dusseldorf, Germany, attracting hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. The exhibition exhibits include retail information technology, electronic payment systems, information management systems, commercial retail security systems, etc. Participating in the Dusseldorf Retail Technology and Equipment Exhibition has multiple values for retailers and suppliers, including but not limited to the following: Learn about the latest trends in the industry: The exhibition showcases the latest retail technology and equipment, retailers and suppliers can learn about the latest development trends in the industry, and provide new ideas and directions for their business. Expanding business network: The exhibition attracts retailers, suppliers and other relevant industry players from all over the world, and is an excellent opportunity to expand business network and build partnerships. Discover new products and services: Exhibitors will showcase their latest products and services, and retailers and suppliers can find new products and services that are suitable for their business and enhance their competitiveness at the exhibition. Learn industry best practices: During the show, a variety of seminars, seminars and training events are usually held, which allow retailers and suppliers to learn the best practices and successful experiences of the industry. Enhance brand awareness: By participating in exhibitions, retailers and suppliers can showcase their brands and products, and enhance brand awareness and reputation. Gathering market information: Communicating and interacting with other industry players can help retailers and suppliers gather valuable information about market demand, competitors, and consumer behavior. Overall, participation in the Dusseldorf Retail Technology and Equipment Exhibition provides retailers and suppliers with an opportunity to interact with, learn from and interact with the industry