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Reception of Nigerian customers


Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and has a huge consumer market. As a member of Opec, it ranks first in Africa in oil reserves and production, has nearly 40 billion US dollars in foreign exchange reserves, has sufficient payment capacity and strong market purchasing power.

Nigerian people (1) 50% of Nigerians believe in Islam, 40% believe in Christianity and 10% believe in other religions. (2) When Nigerians meet close friends, the way to show intimacy is not to shake hands or hug, but to beat each other's right hand with their right hand. (3) When talking to Nigerians about cooperation, it is important to date beforehand, especially with government officials. Although Nigerians generally have little sense of time, they understand the Western habit of keeping time. Nigerian eating habits (1) Nigerians love to eat the traditional "five-color plate", that is, corn flour, potato noodles, bean noodles, vegetables, tomatoes mixed together and fired cake or paste food. (2) Nigerians like to eat porridge soup. (3) Nigerians have great interest in Chinese food, they are generally used to eating with their hands, and they also use knives and forks in social occasions. Muslims in Nigeria abstain from pork and the use of pig products. What gifts do Nigerian customers like? (1) Nigerians do not like black and should avoid sending black items when giving gifts. (2) We can give Nigerians tea and tea sets. (3) Nigerians are fond of Chinese handicrafts, such as ceramics.Cash Register Drawer